Multi Ch. Piatoi Polozovich de Xanishka

Mr. Barjot Bernard/F
European Dog Show 2022
Dr. Maison Frédéric/F
Championnat de France 2022
Mrs. Vermeire Myriam/B
Mr. Liimatainen Jussi/FIN
Mrs. De Ridder-Onghena Liliane/B
Eurodogshow 2021
Mrs. Hectors Ingrid/B
Mrs. Kelveri Philippou Sonia/CYP
HRV Halloween Show
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Mrs. van Veen-Keur Roel/NL
Belgian Borzoi Special 2021
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Mrs. Lawless J/IE
Dr. Schill Roberto/RO collects and publishes Borzoi showresults and others from Belgium and abroad
This homepage is dedicated to the memory of a 'once in a lifetime' Borzoi, unique and exceptionnel, Piatoi Polozovich de Xanishka, a born winner and multichampion; the one and only Borzoi in the history of the Belgian cynology who has won Best in Show at the Brussels Dog Show (in 2002).
Best in Show Brussels Dog Show 2002 MCh. Piatoi Polozovich de Xanishka
Since 2003, when we started our website, we have results of 1110 shows, from 20 countries, with 3823 Borzois, judged by 397 judges from 45 countries illustrated with 14748 pictures.
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